Damage Remedy Mask 500ml

Mix 100-150ml damage remedy mask with 4-5 drops of multi care oil, then spread onto hair evenly and massage for 3-5 minutes , and leave in 15-20 minutes. (Heating machine recommended). Rinse.

Apply multi care leave in conditioner and dry the hair for best result.


Product Description

Damage Remedy Mask is a smoothing and shines intensive treatment which promotes noticeable shine while smoothing the hair for flawless light reflections. Provide nourishing and strengthening, while locking in smoothness and long lasting shine. Offer unsurpassed intensive treatment care for damaged, brittle or unmanageable hair, while protecting against future stress. This new innovative formulation has a rich creamy consistency, while provides intense shine and elasticity. Silky smooth, detangle and fortified with radiant color.

Additional Information


500ml 17.5 fl.oz.


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