About us

GL EMPIRE CO., LTD was founded in 2010, is an innovation and research Singapore company, the main purpose is to provide a series of high-quality products that are able to satisfy the needs of professionals. Has overall responsibility for the enterprise’s “O2Q PROFESSIONAL HAIR PRODUCT”.

Taking advantage of the valuable contribution of science and specific natural ingredients, GL EMPIRE CO., LTD in order to develop and learn other commercial markets and acquire new exclusive national and international distributors. Exclusive Singapore brand with a very wide range of hair products series including of Keratin Series, Argan Oil Series, Damage Remedy Series, Hair Care Series, Straightening, Digital Perm, Cold Perm, Styling and Scalp Care. Our company mission is to create high-quality products for people around the world. And improve their quality of living. We live in an era of constant changes, where the desires and expectations of people are constantly evolving, so it is not easy keeping up with times. The world of beauty is a world full of charm and opportunities; it is an expression of creativity and entrepreneurial skills, and being a professional means having clear ideas. Through innovation and sincerity, O2Q Professional walks together with every professional salon to achieve their dreams.

We want to connect you with others to share O2Q professional hair product.

O=Orient (This products was created from Singaporean)

2=Two way of relationship (Our relationship with you)

Q=Quality (We always serious on our products quality)